Mira's Naturals Healing Salve - 2 ounces
Mira's Naturals Healing Salve - 2 ounces
Mira's Naturals Healing Salve - 2 ounces
Mira's Naturals Healing Salve - 2 ounces

Mira's Naturals Healing Salve - 2 ounces

$ 14.00

The cold weather is upon us and Mira's Naturals Healing Salve is the perfect way to protect your skin from harsh conditions this season. This salve is so versatile and safe for any age group. For use on any skin irritations, cuts, scraps, etc. which makes it your all-natural go-to in your medicine cabinet all year long!

Our healing salve is made with the following all natural ingredients:

1. Shea butter: this is good for dry skin, rashes, peeling, stretch marks, minor wounds, moisturizing dry, cracked and peeling skin.

2. Jojoba oil: reduces inflammation, speeds up healing of open wounds, moisturizes as it is an excellent emollient, treats acne and psoriasis

3. Calendula oil: versatile in treating minor cuts, cracked skin and rashes.

4. Olive oil: a moisturizer that contains many antioxidants

5. Beeswax: ​​ creates a natural barrier on skin, has amazing antibacterial qualities which make it idea for treatment of diaper rash when mixed with our salve. It also reduced inflammation and helps with the treatment of dry itchy skin.

6. Vitamin E: moisturizer, reduces effects of free-radicals and can protect against UV damage and it is also a natural preservative

​7. ​Lavender Essential Oil: calming agent for the nervous system, a natural bug repellent.

8. Propolis tincture: has anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is beneficial in healing skin.

** Please note that this product is not recommended to use on stitches, but once stitches are removed it is an excellent healer for small open wounds.

Since our products are natural it is also important to understand that the shelf life is about 6 months for most things.  We do our best to incorporate natural preservatives such as Vitamin E but we are true to the fact that there are no fillers, dyes or toxins in anything we make.