Bee Fun Facts

A hive would have to visit 2,000,000 flowers in order to make 1 pound of honey. An individual bee only makes about 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.


Bees make their honeycomb home.  It is built out of beeswax that is produced from glands on the bee’s abdomen.  They use this to make new bees, store pollen and honey and cluster together for warmth in the winter.

The girls kick the boys out of the hive before winter.  A hive of bees is 99% female normally but 100% female in the winter. (below is the queen bee!)

If you live within 2 miles of a hive those bees probably visit your flowers.  Most of bee foraging occurs within ½ mile of the hive but they will travel up to 2 miles away.

 Bees use the pollen baskets on their legs to collect pollen pellets from each plant they visit to transport it back to the hive. A single bee can carry a pollen load that weighs 35% of its own body weight.

Bees dance to communicate.  Bees will do a waggle dance to tell others where to go.  Their navigation is also based on the sun.

When bees swarm it looks like a tornado.  When the bees start to swarm from the hive they come out in a swirl and cover the sky before clustering up and deciding where to go.

Local honey can help with allergies.  Honey has traces of pollen in it and consuming it will help your body get used to it and potentially reduce your reaction to it when it is in bloom. 

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