About Mira's Naturals

The story of us....

Mira’s Naturals was a spark… a wish for a bright future… a vision of combining all the things we are passionate about and driving it towards a useful purpose. Our daughter Mira is diagnosed on the Autism spectrum and we had always been brainstorming ideas on how to create a sustainable business to support her needs in the future. Since her diagnosis we were also constantly seeking healthier and more natural options to use in our household. Then along came beekeeping and all of the wonderful, useful, healthy offshoots of it.
My husband, Mike, stepped into beekeeping under the encouragement of our dear friends who own the only working farm in our community of Woodstock, NY. They once had bees and were wanting to have them back as a fixture on the farm. It was an awakening.
With proper education and the support of well trained and seasoned veterans of beekeeping, the process began. As we researched all of the amazing and practical uses for honey and beeswax we began to dabble in the creation of products that contained either or both and Mira’s Natural Honey Lip Balm was born! This was an exciting moment because it was a great product and people loved using it and saw the benefits of a natural alternative to what they typically used. This constant encouragement, positive feedback and customer satisfaction are what continues our search for other things to make and share with our family and community.

We add life pages to the “Story of Us” daily and are continuously given opportunities to share what we make with others. The success of our hives and the health and well-being of our bees comes first and we take pride in creating items from the plentiful resources our bees provide for us.
It is important to note that we value our consumers and have always felt that knowing exactly what is in products is a fundamental respect that we wanted to pass on to them.  You have a right to know what you are buying and what goes in to it.  Each item we make is thought out, researched and kept as simple as possible while delivering the end result you are looking for.  Since our products are natural it is also important to understand that the shelf life is between 6-12 months for most things.  We do our best to incorporate natural preservatives such as Vitamin E but we are true to the fact that there are no fillers, dyes or toxins in anything we make.
Please ask questions about our products and we are happy to share all that we can so that you feel confident and empowered with your purchases! Contact us at info@mirasnaturals.com with any questions you may have or if you are a shop owner that may be interested in wholesale pricing.

Bee Natural, Bee Yourself,
Mike, Meghann, Mira & Max